Pete Thomas

About me

Welcome to my infrequently updated corner of the web!

I’m originally from Kenilworth, Warwickshire but I spent the last seven or so years in Nottingham. I’ve recently moved to St. Albans, where I’m working for Ocado.

Before that, I spent the last few years working on my PhD as a member of the Document Engineering Lab at the University of Nottingham. During my research, I spent some time working for my sponsor, Adobe Systems in San Jose, CA. Unfortunately for you, this means that if you have Acrobat installed, you probably have my code on your machine (my claim to fame!). Finally — my thesis described and implemented a novel application of markup-languages to final form documents, via heuristic layout and content recognition techniques (phew).

I’m a pretty keen mountain biker. Personal favourites have got to be the trips to the French/Swiss Alps, swoopy Californian singletrack in Santa Cruz, the BUSA champs and, of course, the summer 24-hour races. Check out the NUBike website to find out more about mountain biking at Nottingham Uni.

Pete — June 2007